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The Rainbow of Life



The Rainbow of Life

Penulis: Students of 9B ( Mts At Taqwa Bondowoso )
Halaman: 86 halaman
Ukuran: A5
Kertas: Bookpaper
Isi: BW
SIPSBN: 920-240-500-012-3
Cover: Softcover
Harga: 25.000


In every step of life, we are the author of our own story. Let me presents my self in this writing. In life, I find a beauty in every moment I live. I believe that every story, there is a miracle waiting to be expressed. As the author of my own life story, I try to catch that miracle in every word I write. In this writing, I will share a little bit about who I am and how life’s journey has shaped my views and values. Let’s explore life together and celebrate the beauty around us.


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